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Archive of Newsletters, Minutes, and Accounts

We freely admit that this may not appear to be the most thrilling page on this website. It is, nevertheless, an important record of the society’s newsletters, minutes, and account books, and is an essential reference tool for members. The Society is yet young, but as it grows older, so this repository of documents will likewise grow. Minutes of recent meetings are drafts until they are approved at the subsequent meeting, so there is a time lag before minutes are archived on this page. If you need to see the draft minutes of a recent meeting, please contact the Society’s Secretary. Please also note that all documents on this page are in PDF format.

2017 Newsletters
2017 Minutes

2017 Accounts

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2016 Minutes

2016 Accounts

2015 Newsletters

2015 Minutes

2015 Accounts

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2014 Minutes

2014 Accounts

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2013 Minutes

2013 Accounts

2012 Newsletters

2012 Minutes

2012 Accounts

  • There were no accounts for the year 2011-12.

The Literary London Society was founded on 20 July 2011 by adoption of its Constitution.