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Issue 3.2

Literary London: Interdisciplinary studies in the representation of London

Volume 3 Number 2 (September 2005)

Edited by Lawrence Phillips

ISSN: 1744-0807

The Iain Sinclair Special Edition
Guest edited by Dr Robert Bond and Dr Jenny Bavidge

Editorial Introduction

Robert Bond and Jenny Bavidge


Iain Sinclair in conversation with Colette Meacher


Robert Bond

“The Chapel at the End of the World”: Lust and Spiritual Discipline in Iain Sinclair’s Landor’s Tower

Robert Bond

Early Iain Sinclair: ‘Black Psychosis’ and the Primal

Christopher C. Gregory-Guider

Sinclair’s Rodinsky’s Room and the Art of Autobiogeography

Joe Moshenska

The energy of the walker, the absorption of the passenger

Alex Murray

Exorcising the Demons of Thatcherism: Iain Sinclair and the Critical Efficacy of a London Fiction

Paul Newland

‘On an Eastern Arc’: Reading Iain Sinclair’s interest in Christ Church, Spitalfields and its uncanny territory through East End discourse

Kirsten Seale

Eye-swiping London: Iain Sinclair, photography and the flâneur

Ruth Silver

Telling tales about architects

Ben Watson

Iain Sinclair: the Right Kind of Schizophrenia (a note on Downriver)

Julian Wolfreys

Londonography: Iain Sinclair’s Urban Graphic

Book Reviews

Susan Alice Fischer

Ben Highmore, Cityscapes: Cultural Readings in the Material and Symbolic City

Adam Hansen

Ian Munro, The Figure of the Crowd in Early Modern London: The City and its Double

Lucy Jane Kay

The Rise of the Detective in Early Nineteenth Century Popular Fiction

Lynn Wells

Ian McEwan, Saturday

Keith Wilson

Lynne Hapgood, Margins of Desire: The Suburbs in Fiction and Culture 1880-1925


Notes on Contributors