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Camden Town Group Locations Revisited

Photographer: Joseph Waller

The exterior locations favoured by the Camden Town painters in their commitment to rendering an urban modernity, the grime and occasional grandeur of the streets of North London, and the optimism of the newer garden suburbs, produced works dismissed by some contemporary critics as mawkish or sentimental, while lauded by others for offering a redemptive aesthetic of the city.

Joseph Waller’s photographs revisit four of the paintings from the exhibition. His treatment emulates the brilliant vibrating colour combinations favoured by the Camden Town Group to tell a story of contemporary London, still beautiful in spite of itself.

Anne Witchard, University of Westminster



clip_image compressed 002
Robert Bevan, Belsize Park (1917) From Museum of London collection:
Image 03 compressed
Joseph Waller, Belsize Park, 25th August 2009


Image 04 compressed
Spencer Gore, Mornington Crescent (1911) From British Council collection:
Image 5 compressed
Joseph Waller, Mornington Crescent, 25 August 2009



Image 06 compressed
William Ratcliffe, Clarence Gardens (1912) From Tate collection:
Image 07 compressed
Joseph Waller Clarence Gardens, 25 August 2009



Image 08 compressed
William Ratcliffe, Hampstead Garden Suburb from Willifield Way (1914) From Tate collection:
Image 09 compressed
Joseph Waller , Hampstead Garden Suburb from Willifield Way, 25 August2009



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