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London, Underground. A Photoessay

Julian Wolfreys

001 One WayOne Way

002 PassingPassing

003 Looking AwayLooking Away

004 CommuteCommute

005 Dog, lookng at BookDog, lookng at Book

006 Down the LineDown the Line

007 Gloucester RoadGloucester Road

008 TiredTired

009 p-m-p-m-

010 TunnelTunnel

011 KewKew

012 Baron's CourtBaron’s Court

013 St JamesSt James

014 Down the LineDown the Line

015 ResortResort

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Julian Wolfreys, ‘London, Underground’. Literary London: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Representation of London, Volume 6 Number 1 (March 2008). Online at Accessed on [date of access]