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Issue 10.2

(Autumn 2013)
Edited by Susan Alice Fischer | Reviews Editor: Susie Thomas | Web Editor: Brycchan Carey.

Articles are available in either HTML or PDF format. Enhanced features such as hyperlinking and high-resolution images are available in HTML only. PDF articles will open in a new window. You may need to install Adobe Acrobat to view PDF files.


Susan Alice Fischer HTML | PDF


Peter Howell

‘’Tis a mad world at Hogsdon’: Leisure, Licence and the Exoticism of Suburban Space in Early Jacobean London HTML | PDF

John Williams

Natives, Outcasts, and Aliens: Sir Walter Scott and the Writing of Modern London HTML | PDF

David Ashford

The Mechanics of the Occult: London’s Psychogeographical Fiction as Key to Understanding the Roots of the Gothic HTML | PDF

David Charnick

Peter Ackroyd’s Ghostly Heroines HTML | PDF

Martin Dines

Bringing the Boy Back Home: Queer Domesticity and Egalitarian Relationships in Postwar London Novels HTML | PDF

Bettina Schötz

The Exploration of Community in Hanif Kureishi’s Short Fiction HTML | PDF

Nora Plesske and Joanna Rostek

Rubble or Resurrection: Contextualising London Literature by Polish Migrants to the UK HTML | PDF

Review Article

Matthew Ingleby

‘Excavating Silverware’: a Review of Edward Copeland, The Silver Fork Novel: Fashionable Fiction in the Age of Reform and Cheryl A. Wilson, Fashioning the Silver Fork Novel HTML | PDF


Adam Hansen

Robert O. Bucholz and Joseph P. Ward, London: A Social and Cultural History, 1550-1750 HTML | PDF

Nicolas Tredell

Andrew Whitehead and Jerry White (eds), London Fictions HTML | PDF

Adele Lee

Anne Witchard, Lao She in London HTML | PDF

Kevin M. Flanagan

Simon Rycroft, Swinging City: A Cultural Geography of London 1950-1974 HTML | PDF

Michael Perfect

Laura Colombino, Spatial Politics in Contemporary London Literature: Writing Architecture and the Body HTML | PDF

Claire Chambers

Graham MacPhee, Postwar British Literature and Postcolonial Studies HTML | PDF

Simon Goulding

Tony Murray, London Irish Fictions: Narrative, Diaspora and Identity HTML | PDF

Simon Goulding

Kit Caless and Gary Budden (eds), Acquired for Development By… A Hackney Anthology HTML | PDF

Alex Clelland

Cathi Unsworth, Bad Penny Blues HTML | PDF

Lisa Robertson

Conference Review: Literary London 2013 HTML | PDF


Notes on Contributors HTML | PDF